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The Ultimate Semrush Review (Mar 2021): Top Features and Value Assessment

If you were looking for a comprehensive Semrush review, you’ve landed at the right spot.


With this review, we plan on helping you to make the right choice.

This post uncovers all the key areas of this truly all-in-one digital marketing platform. From features and functionalities to some drawbacks and pricing, this Semrush review gives all the ins and outs of the suite, helping you to wrap your head around its final value assessment.

The Digital Marketing Landscape

It makes no sense to talk about the power (or lack thereof) of any digital marketing suite without evaluating the overall online landscape and how it has changed over the years.

It all started with SEO: Semrush was built as an SEO suite, and the overall digital marketing mainly came down to Google algos that were quite straightforward at the time. Just a couple of strategically placed keywords, then you throw in some links, and boom – you’re in good shape and well-positioned to win the digital game!

Then, as the web and competition grew, everyone started jumping on the SEO bandwagon. And Google started improving its intelligence with each algorithm update.

Today, while the myth behind Google’s 200 ranking factors has been debunked, the biggest share of weight goes to brand strength and content quality related factors. And traffic doesn’t only come from search or referrals, you have to take social, reviews, and so many more things into the equation.

Sounds complicated, right?

This is why a big share of your online success is almost directly dependent on the platform you’re leveraging to solve all these digital marketing tasks. This is why we’ve undertaken a “mission impossible” – to highlight all the key platform features within a single Semrush review.

Semrush Review: A Bird’s-Eye View Of the Platform

As digital marketing got more and more sophisticated, Semrush was also changing and evolving. From a purely SEO-driven suite rolled out back in 2008, in 2021, it turned into an ecosystem of interconnected tools covering the entire online visibility and content marketing management workflow.

Now, what does this imply exactly?

While Semrush has always been prominent for its SEO capabilities – from keyword to competitive intelligence tools – it has now grown into a solution that embraces almost every imaginable angle related to online presence.

These days, when you’re investing in Semrush, you’re getting an all-in-one suite of marketing tools for auditing and examining your site. You can do everything from backlink analysis to competitive analysis in the same place. Plus, you can create some useful benchmarking reports to track your progress over time.

Essentially, the platform is split into several big toolkits that have over 50 tools at Semrush users’ disposal:

 from keyword management and technical site audit to link-building and SERP position tracking;

Local SEO: from automatic distribution of business info to the most authoritative and popular directories and duplicate suppression to review management and local visibility enhancement ideas;

Content Marketing: from existing content audit and topic ideas to performance monitoring and improvement suggestions;

Competitive Intelligence: from market trends and competitive landscape overview to keyword/backlink gap detection and advertising insights;

Online Advertising: from paid search and display ad research to PLA and ad copy insights;

Social Media: from competitive research and post scheduling to social ads’ launch and performance tracking.

Before we dig into the nitty-gritty of each toolkit, however, we have to mention a few overarching Semrush perks, applicable to each tool and functionality.

  • Mobile data access for all Semrush users

With the entire web now covered by mobile-first, access to mobile databases is a must-have for any digital marketer. After all, desktop and mobile data can sometimes vary considerably, and it is mobile that shapes the future of digital marketing.

Since it’s pretty expensive, you don’t get many platforms offering this kind of data. And if they do, it comes at extra cost. So, mobile and price wise, the sheer fact that Semrush includes mobile databases within each package is a huge advantage – not just professional, but also financial.

  • Outstanding reporting capabilities + Google Data Studio connector

Whether you’re within an in-house or agency marketing team, reporting is a big part of the hassle – be it updates for a client or for upper management.

Semrush turns this typically dreary reporting job into a breeze with its custom-built My Reports solution. All the intel you have stored within the platform – including your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google My Business data – can be reflected within a handsome report that gets automatically generated in a few clicks.

You can either go with ready-made customizable PDF templates or create your own, or pick branded or white-label options. It doesn’t matter – once you’ve created your reports, you can simply set up a frequency and schedule, and Semrush will automatically deliver them to anyone’s inbox.

Thanks to a specially designed connector, all Guru and Business users can also integrate their Semrush data with Google Data Studio reports without having to spend any precious API units along the way.

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